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TIPS: Baby Travel Tent

We really love our pop up baby tent. What a great invention! It is light, fairly small and super practical. In many places they can supply a baby cod. But sometimes you have to rent one or they don’t have any.

Anyway, we think it is nice that our little one sleeps in her ‘own’ recognizable space. And our pop up tent is exactly that! It is a little tent that, you probably have guessed, pops up. It just unfolds. No hassle. And it comes with a little self inflating matrass. The tent has nice openings for ventilation and all have insect mash. So easy to keep the little biters out! And luckily a baby does not have the skills yet to open the zippers. So if she wakes up, no risk that she will climb or fall out. The brand is Deryan (see also the video below). And no, we are not being sponsored by them (which would be nice though).

We got this tent as a present from a friend and for traveling it was the best ever present we got!


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