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We are Mirin, Gyongyi and Jurgen. We are a traveling family. We will shortly introduce ourselves and tell you why we travel.

Any way, we already loved traveling. Gyongyi en Jurgen, we both traveled quite a bit in our lives. For work and for pleasure. We really enjoy meeting other people, get to know their ideas and look on life. We like to understand and respect different cultures. Travelling learned us so much and gives us a better understanding of others. And you discover that 99,9% of the people are good hearted and just great! 

Mirin was born on April 19th 2017. It took a lot of effort and a lot of chemistry. Actually we did not expect to have a child anymore. So you can imagine the joy when it worked out and our beautiful daughter was born. And as it is probably our only one, we decided we want to enjoy every moment of her. So what better than to combine all our passions: our daughter, travelling and spending time together! 

We all took a long sabbatical, took all the savings and decide to travel! And that is what we are doing. Is it wise to travel with a baby? We heard many thoughts and advises on that. We think it is a great way to be together and enjoy the first years of Mirin to the max! 

Probably she will not remember anything of the trip. We however will. And how nice is it to have your both parents around you very day, get a lot of new impressions, see lots of people and get a lot of tastes, smells and environments? We hope that Mirin will experience that there are loads of different looking people that are great!

Ok, also a little background on the parents... Gyongy is Hungarian, Jurgen is Dutch. We live in Amsterdam, Holland. Mirin is the proud owner of already 2 passports: a Hungarian and a Dutch one. So, Mirin will learn probably 3 languages. Two not so usefull ones, Hungarian and Dutch, and the very useful English.

Whenever you want to know more, want to meet us or have suggestions, please send us a message

Hope you like our blog. You can also follow us at facebook.

Mirin, Gyongyi and Jurgen 

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