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Vietnam - July / Aug 2018

After a week in Hong Kong, we flew on to Hanoi in Vietnam. Even though it is a big and busy city, Hanoi is pretty chilled compared to Hong Kong and Tokyo. The sheer amount of motorbikes and the seemingly non existence of traffic rules makes it a little of a hassle. But Hanoi is nice! And especially the food is good! A colourful place.

We made a 2 nights boat trip around the Halong Bay area. Even though tyfoons seem to follow us, we had a day with nice weather too. 

From Hanoi we flew to Hue. A nice place. Also the surrounding area is beautiful. Especially our trip to the lagoon was special. 

From Hue we took a private car to Hoi An. Our last location in Vietnam. We will chill here for (yes yes) 14 days! Doing nothing, that's the plan. We stay in An Bang Beach, close to Hoi An. Really nice! Beach, sleep, eat! A good concept. 

All pictures are in reversed order, so most recent first and older one last.

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