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Fiji - April 2018

We arrived in Fiji on Apil 7th from Palmerston North New Zealand. The first night was on the main island in the Radisson Blue. The next morning we took the 'flyer' boat for a 4 hour ride to our island. The upcoming cyclone made it an, let's say, more energetic boat trip. 

The first days we had a lot of wind and 'horizontal' rain when the cyclone passed by. OK, not exactly what you imagine for Fiji, but it made it cosy in a way. 

After the rain there was also the sunshine. So we enjoyed the 2 sides of Fiji. 

We had a great and relaxing time. The Fiji people are really super super nice and friendly. We would definitely come back to Fiji!

April 14th we went on to Australia, Sydney,

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