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Japan - June / July 2018

On request, the pictures below will be ordered most recent first and going back in time.

We headed to Japan on June 3rd, leaving from Bali

We stayed the first days in Tokyo. A city that is busy 24/7 and always crowded with people. We travel here by Japan Rail. So we got rid of one big bag in Australia and sent it home. Traveling will be much different than we were used to until now. 

After Tokyo we went to the southern island, Kyushu, for a couple of days in Fukuoka. Here we did some cycling to the coast area. 

Then there was time to relax in a real Japanese ryokan with an onsen in Ureshino. From there we also did a daytrip to Huis Ten Bosch. It was really unreal to see this theme park where parts of Holland are copied to perfect detail!

Nagasaki was next. A really nice city that feels a little non-Japanese. They have nice vintage trams and even terraces on the waterside. But it was also the Dutch trading post for the VOC for hundreds of years. And ofcourse the sad history of an atomic bomb. 


More Japan pictures will be coming here ...

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