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TIPS: Foodstuff while travelling with a baby

Any baby needs mothers milk or a powdered substitute. When you travel, the most convenient ofcourse is when baby van drink from mummies breast. In our case that proofed to be really handy. But, that’s not always possible.

When your baby is still small, it needs a little adapted and finely chopped food. Almost everywhere we travelled to, an average supermarket sold pots or squish bags with baby food. We are a little picky on the ingredients, so we always looked for the more organic brands. But, these are not always there.

So, we prefer to make our own baby food. We make it the way we would like to eat it. And, we don’t add any sugar or salt. We like cooking (and eating) anyway. Making your own food is practical, simple and in general fairly cheap too. For that we take a handmixer/blender with us. And some refillable squish bags. Yes, you can buy them in some shops, but for sure online. There are several types. You can open the bags, fill and then close them like a seal bag.

For the mornings we make fruit shakes for her. For lunch and dinner time we use potato, rice, some meat or fish, vegetables, etc. We also mix in onion and quite some garlic. You easy steam or cook all of it and then blend it with the hand mixer.

By now our little one eats the same as us. Ofcourse we have to make it in baby bite size, but we don’t have to puree it anymore. We also like to give her a whole pear, apple, prune, nectarine, banana. She loves to bite and eat it herself. OK, it becomes messy and does not always work out. But at least she tries and likes it.

I strongly believe that a kid will get used to the food you offer them. And of course they will have a preference for sweet or fatty food. And your kid will have likes and dislikes. But, keep offering them a broad range of food. They will like it and get accustomed.


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