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South Africa, here we come
Kleine kop

Soon we leave for South Africa. Exciting!

Our general plan:


We fly into Johannesburg, where we'll meet up with some dear friend from the past. He and his family live in South Africa sinds a couple of years now for the company he works for.

After that we fly on to Port Elizabeth as starting point for the famous 'Garden route'. Slowly we find our way towards Cape Town. We intend to follow the gentle South African breeze and see what comes with it. So no defined plans yet. Just soak in the culture, landscape and the people. When you have a great suggestion or a must visit spot, please let us know on our Facebook page


I intend to make a weekly blogpost and video on this page. Via Facebook there will be small updates and photos daily. So, follow Mirin.World at Facebook to be a little part of our trip.

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