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TIPS: Baby Carrier

When you only travel to one destination or by car, bringing a baby stroller is not really an issue. But when you are ‘on the go’, a stroller is a heavy and unpractical unit. We are not fan of a stroller any way. We love our carrier. Yes, a stroller is much more easy on the back and arms. But a carrier is so much more flexible. It is small, you can go everywhere (sand, rocks, grass, hills, etc.). And, it is very portable, so ideal for travelling. OK, when you have more than 2 kids, you or need a stroller (or a ‘Sherpa’).

Carrying your kid is nice and sporty. You can do it the traditional way by using a piece of big cloth. Actually very comfy. But, we went for the Baby Bjorn carrier. It is easy to put your kid in and take it out. Also you can wear it on the front (facing in and out) or on the back. It is a sturdy thing, so you also eel safe not only while walking, but also climbing or cycling.

We also use the baby carrier if there is no high chair available. Just hang the carrier over a chair with a high back and it doubles as a great baby chair.

We hope Baby Bjorn contacts us for some additional features. We call it our 'carrier survival kit'. We came up with some great handy extra's that make life even more easy!


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