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TIPS: Tieraps and Duct tape

With or without a kid, we always took tieraps (several sizes) and a roll of Duck tape when we travel. You can use them for so many purposes. When you are a little creative, they will come very handy in many situations.

For Mirin we many times put two chairs together and tied the legs together with a tierap (or tape). Put some pillows or towels on the chairs, and there you have a great baby bed. You never need to bring your own cod.

When you put a small backpack in your maxi cosy / car baby seat and tie it with some tieraps, you can carry the seat on your back. And still use the space in the backpack of course. Very practical!

Use a tierap and some tape to make a ‘tent’ over your chair or baby cod in the plane. It gives your little one some privacy and darkness. They will sleep much better.

You can come up with many uses. Be creative when you travel and a real McGuyver! Many times there is enough around you for a solution you need!


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