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Bali - May/June 2018

We arrived to Bali on May 21th, coming from Australia. We flew 'in style', which is not very expensive here in Asia. And very nice to have some space during a day flight with the little one. After arriving to Denpasar we took a taxi to Candidassa, where we will stay and relax for a week. Beautiful place and Mirin loves the water. We did a nice daytrip with a private driver to Amlapura and surroundings. 

After Candidasa we moved to Ubud. This place is a little too busy for our taste. But, our hotel is nice. We looked around Ubud a little and next day did a bike tour in the surroundings. Beautiful! Especially with the upcoming festival which brings many bamboo decorations. But Bali is a beautiful place, with beautiful people!!!

We left Ubud and moved to Amed. Not so many activity there for four days. Mirin was ill for the first time on our trip. And that always happens in a place where you don't want to. Or maybe that are exactly the places where it happens. Couple of days of puking, diarrhea and fever. Poor thing! So a lot of time we spent around and in our cabin. Also because the parents had some off days.

And Bali is not the island to look for a doctor. The ones that should have been in our neighborhood where all on vacation. And closest hospital around 1,5 hours away.

But, luckily Mirin (and parents) look like being on the return. And that is good, because tomorrow, June 3rd,  we leave Bali and fly to Tokyo, Japan...

All pictures are in reversed order, so most recent first and older one last.

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