We are a travel loving family: our baby daughter Mirin, mommy Gyongyi and daddy Jurgen. On this blog we collect our adventures and thoughts for Mirin for later. And to share with family, friends and others who want to be part of it. We love ideas, input and feedback. Follow and contact us on Facebook! Form April 14th until May 21th we were In Australia.  We came from Fiji and New Zealand. On May 21th we arrived to Bali. June 3rd we flew to Japan. We came to Hong Kong at July 7th and headed to Vietnam on the 14th of July. Now we are back at home in Amsterdam in Holland. We will keep posting Mirin's growing up adventures. And ofcourse we keep on traveling ... 

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July 15, 2018

Traveling in Japan with a baby. Easy and also some real challenges!

June 10, 2018

OK, let's also use this medium not only to share good, but also a bad experience! And make it into a travel tip for others...

When one travels, you will use services like Tripadvisor, Agoda, Expedia, Booking.com, hotels.com, or AirBnB. But we discovered a couple of times now that you really have to be aware of the information these services provide! Many times all is ok, but also in these platforms you will encounter the ‘alternative facts’ or misleading information. To give you a recent example:

As most people will do, you enter a place, the number of guests and the dates of arrival and departure. So did we as we booked a hotel in Japan via Booking.com. After a short search we made our pick and booked for 4 nights. We arrived with our one year old in the booked hotel. First you have to pay. And then it turned out we got a smoking room. Not the environment you envision for your child. So we asked for a non-smoking room. ‘Sorry, but the hotel only has smoking rooms.’ ‘Euh, sorry? Only smo...

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February 24, 2018

What a luxery to travel around the world as a family. What can one wish for more than to see beautiful places and cultures and to spend full time with our 10 month old daughter Mirin.
But we realize that we are lucky!

We started up 'Card for Care'. A small initiative to care a little about others. Donate 5 euro and Mirin will send you a hand written old fashioned postcard. Your donation we will double and give to a god cause.

Send us an email at mirinoverweg@gmail.com with your name and address and transfer 5 euros (or more ofcourse) to NL85INGB0003399407.

We will send you a handwritten postcard and post a picture on www.facebook.com/mirin.world when we do it.

We hope to send lots of postcards.

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